Types of rugs

There are many types of rugs in various styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We’ve created RugType.com to help provide a well organized selection of the particular rug type you may be looking for. From bamboo rugs, braided runners and other runner rugs, large rugs as well as small ones, through zebra area rugs, we have a large selection of rugs listed. Thanks for visiting the site, and good luck in your search for the perfect rug.

What are some of the most common rug types? Well,people refer to styles of rugs by many various names and features. For example, some types of rugs are named based on where the style of rug originated, such as oriental, persian, afghan, tibetan, kashmir, and moroccan to name a few. Rugs are also often described by the material they are made of such as bamboo, silk, cotton, lambskin, and wool. The shape is also often used to differentiate types of rugs,such as when one is looking for a round rug. The intended function of the rug such as accent,throw,and bath also divides up rugs into types. So in summary there are almost too many types of rug to list. The menu at right gives an idea of some of them.

When selecting a rug an often overlooked item is the rug pad. Rug pads can help protect a rug, reduce having the rug slide around the floor, and provide extra cusion making the rug more comfortable to walk on.

Hope you find the particular rug you’re looking for and enjoyed the pages which make up this site.

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